the baker:

Hi friends! Welcome to Bakecetera!

I'm an amateur baker, and I try to fit as much oven-lovin' in my life as my schedule allows. I try to focus on vegan desserts, but frequently get distracted by my love of macarons. I hope to offer a little bit of everything and anything. I was recently asked what I like to bake, and I just spurted out "I'm an experimental baker"! I think that describes what's going on at Bakecetera pretty well!

When I'm not baking, I pretend to be a student... but it's more likely that I'm frolicking around Paris, France (where I am doing my PhD) being ridiculous and drinking wine. I also enjoy cooking, running, yoga, hiding out in museums, and pegacornusrexi (ahem, that would be the plural of a hybrid pegasus, unicorn, and t-rex dinosaur).

Please feel free to comment on posts and/or ask me any questions/give me helpful comments in the "contact" page.

I hope you all enjoy!


 I took the "Hello Stranger" photo at the Singapore Art Museum in May 2013. The artist is the very funky and talented Dawn Ng.